Thursday, April 28, 2011

Children's book's

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I have been a slacker on my blogging, but a busy beaver on my writing! I have just finished two children's books The Magical Adventures Of Sissy Stringbean & Detective Morris Norris & The Case Of The Missing Socks!
 Both available on Barnes & Noble & The Wheelbarrow;This one I illustrated for an author in Australia. I am re-publishing my romance and several more children's stories. I will keep you posted!!! I also have The Spooky Closet available on XoXo Publishing. 
 I also have a short humorous short story called; She Woke Up Married-​/shop-online/index.php?main_pa​ge=products_new

Dancing With Fireworks [E-Book] - $2.99 : XOXO Publishing™ | Shop Online, Books, E-Books


  1. Wow, congratulations! I hope to also have something published on Lulu, perhaps a children's book. Most of my writing is for young women.

    I'll stop by lulu soon. :)


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  3. I am re-publishing all of my self published works that were on with Publish America due to someone taking all of my Lulu books and selling them on Amazon without permission.