Thursday, April 28, 2011

Children's book's

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I have been a slacker on my blogging, but a busy beaver on my writing! I have just finished two children's books The Magical Adventures Of Sissy Stringbean & Detective Morris Norris & The Case Of The Missing Socks!
 Both available on Barnes & Noble & The Wheelbarrow;This one I illustrated for an author in Australia. I am re-publishing my romance and several more children's stories. I will keep you posted!!! I also have The Spooky Closet available on XoXo Publishing. 
 I also have a short humorous short story called; She Woke Up Married-​/shop-online/index.php?main_pa​ge=products_new

Dancing With Fireworks [E-Book] - $2.99 : XOXO Publishing™ | Shop Online, Books, E-Books

An Interview By My Cafemoms

Congratulations Shelia (wvcoffeechick), you are The Written Voice's Member of the Week this week!!  You have been an active member since joining and we appreciate your dedication and participation!  Thank you!  Enjoy your week in the spotlight. 
 What is your favorite thing to do (besides writing) in your spare time? Draw, sing, cook, 
What is your favorite book of all time? The Bridges Of Madison County
What is your ultimate goal in life? To be happy, bring happiness to others & be a published author with books on the shelves of book stores  
How would you describe yourself in five words or less? Optimistic, spiritual, humorous, good hearted, & creative!
What is your favorite 'guilty' pleasure? Lime Tostitoes:p
What are some of your favorite foods? My homemade  fried rice, chinese food, mexican, Japenese...I love food!!!
DO YOU HAVE ANY TALENTS OTHER THAN WRITING? I can draw, I can sing,( I love to sing Karaoke-I can sing anything from The Cranberries , to Pat Benetar, to Sara evans and Dolly parton! I write songs and I illustrate my own books.
DO YOU HAVE HOBBIES? writing and drawing have taken over for the moment.
WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU ENJOY THE MOST? country, & gospel, but I love all kinds.
CAN YOU SING OR PLAY AN INSTRUMENT? I sing and can pick out a little by ear on the clarinet, piano ect. Just the melody.
DO YOU LIKE ICE CREAM? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR? I don't eat it very often, but I love pistachio almond, orange sherbet, cherry nut, black cherry, I can't pick!!!
Where were you born and raised? Born in Charleston, WV, raised in Frame .WV.
How many siblings do you have? Brothers___1__,  Sisters__1___?
Do you have any favorite traditions from growing up, that you continue with your own family? Yes, we gather at mom's for Sunday dinner after church every Sunday. We also gather there on Christmas Eve with the family and for dinner Christmas day as we did as children at our grandma's:
  • What are your fav tv shows? Grey's Anatomy
    Do you enjoy sports? Not at all:)

    go out your front door, what do you see? A church activity building, a clear blue sky. a fluffy white cloud...the wind:)
    then go out the back door and close your eyes. What do you hear? The wind:)
    now of the two, which did you enjoy the most? The wind, I could feel it on my face:)
    If for some reason you are unable to go out your front or back door, such as you live in a hi-rise and can't act on this question at the time, go to front and back windows
  •  whats your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? write, listen to music
    have you ever played hooky from school or work? If yes, what did you do--from school , went to the sand bar (the river) and hung out with friends
    Do you have a garden? if yes describe it-no but I will have a flower garden soon!
    How do you like your coffee (sugar, black, creamer, etc.)? Coffe mate-( nestle) Maxwell House Breakfast Blend
    Have you ever met a famous author or celebrity? Rascall flatts-i got my pic taken with them!
    What is your dream vacation destination?I just want to go to the beach!!! Hawaii would be nice, but Myrtle will do!!! I would love to see Ireland:)
    What (not WHO) makes you happy? I am happy singing:) I love to sing:) I sing in church:) & food:) I am a happy eater:)
    What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!!!
    Do you consider yourself spontaneous? Yes:)
    What do like about yourself? I have a caring personality,I am a nurturer:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 3-Goal Update

It's day 3. I have a glass of water in front of me, I have stuck to my plans of exercise every other day, I have exercised twice for 22 min. Yesterday we walked to church twice, not far from our house, but a good walk for me and up and down a steep hill twice:)
I Have been keeping up on taking a Cardio Multi Vitamin, and adding fish oil caps to my diet. I have been using hand wts. doing breathing and stretching ex. usung my mimi trampoline, doing leg lifts ect. It feels great!!! I turn on the radio to some upbeat music and shut the door. I don't know why I waited so long. It's my time and I enjoy it:) I am going to try to work on increasing my water, I am also cutting back on using salt.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goal Update

My main goal is to get off the blood pressure meds. I use to worry about my weight, the # the scales said, now that I am in my 40's I am at peace wit hmyself and body, I only wish I had that in my 20's and 30's. I am concerned about the stroke and heart attack factors. I think I am gonna evercise every other day and try to increase my water to 8 glasses a day. 11/12

Today I went to church with my husband and stepson Dylan who is 4, we walked:) it's not far from our house , we are going back tonight. We have to walk up a hill, so that's a start to todays exercise. I had a lt. yogart today:) I am also planning to exercise for 20-30 min. and work in some water somewhere. As for my other goals, I read my bible last night as I promised myself I was going to start doing daily for the new year. I tried to drink water yesterday, but I failed and the day before I drank half of the glass I poured. So, I need to work on that!!! I am taking Complete Health Cardio Formula Vitamins. I am going to try to stick to my every other day exercise routine. Baby steps:) I feel good about it. I am sill in a writer's slump, but it will pass, well, actually I worked on a song yesterday instead of my books. So, I guess that counts as accomplishing something!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!! I have also added fish oil capsules to my routine. 11/12

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update on my last update!!!Better Late Than Never...Goals Update-A Detour From The Road Of Procrastination

My name is Shelia Burket. I set goals on New Years for myself that I did not start until yesterday. I am 45 years old, married with 3 grown kids, a 4 yr old stepson and a 9 mth old grandson. I am about 25 pounds overweight, I hate dieting and severely lack any motivation to move. I ironically love exercise, once I get started. I say tomorrow and it never comes. I have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and other wonderful things like diabetes.
 I know I need to make changes, I guess knowing is 1/2 the battle. I exercised for 22 min. yesterday. I used a small trampoline in my room that has a handle, I turned on some fast beat music, and did that until my legs neede a rest. Then I used a 5 pound hand wt. after that I did leg lifts, kick punches, breathing and stretching exercises, (if you have ever seen Body Flex where you stretch and do deep breathing holding you muscles tight when you exhale). This works, ask my abs and every other muscle that I am not used to moving!!!
I did all of this while lying on my bed, except for the hand wt. I alternated between this and back to the trampoline. I was shooting for 30 min. but the last song that played on the radio was very upbeat and I couldn't breath well when I stopped, so I took the que. i drank one glass of water afterwards. I usually drink coffee and tea all day long, I am sure I am dehydrated. I am 4'10 1/2 I prob. weigh about148-150 lbs. It felt great to move!!! I love my trampoline, the handle helps esp. because I have a slight disability. The music lets you escape:)
I have some blogs concerning my goals for myself this and
I am also a writer/mom:) so I have some writing goals as well as some personal ones like reading my bible daily, which I did yesterday too!!!

April 28,2011 for my goals...I have seriously crashed and burned on anything to do with moving and exercising since Feb. I officially "SUCK!" I am the worlds worst procrastinator, ugh!!! I even procrastinate on my detour from my road of procrastination!!! I will force myself to go back and see what I promised myself and see where I have failed miserably!!! Even on reading my bible..I have been going to church 3 times a week for the most part..I hate to read, no offense...I like to write but not read which is what? An oxymoron? Is that even a word? I have been writing and drawing and coloring , like a maniac:)I have a one track mind! Hopefully I will get back on track,wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hometown Hero

Last night my baby brother, Greg Shaffer, 8 yrs. younger than I just happened to stop in and say, "HI," before heading home to his family at my parents house. He noticed that the Preacher from out church had stopped by to visit my parents, my dad has been  sick for awhile and unable to attend church as he has for years, due to a heart problem. Normally, my mother would have been home alone or with my nephew Joshua, who is 13. Was it a coincidence that both the preacher and my brother stopped by? God works in mysterious ways. My brother saved my dad's life last night, by giving CPR to him after a loud thump was heard and he was found in the family bathroom. He was not breathing, had no heartbeat and was turning cold and blue.
It took paramedics approximately 15 minutes to arrive, by the time they got there, miraculously, my father was breathing and talking. He is in CAMC in the Cardiac ICU, but stable. I am very proud of my brother Greg:) xxox
Greg is married to Melodie Shaffer, he is employed by Toyota. They live in Youngsbottom, and have 2 children, Josh, and Kierstyn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Let The New Year Begin

January 1,2011

This year I have goals instead of resolutions.
I fully plan to motivate myself into achieving
all of the goals that I set for myself this year:)
It is my intention to do my very best to be the best
wife, mother,grandmother and friend, that I possibly can be. I intend to draw closer to God read my bible more, pray more, be more faithful.
I intend to make myself get some exercise at least 3 a week, and hopefully get off my blood pressure
meds. I plan to finish the 6 book projects that I
have started and get them published!!! (The titles
are; The Magical Adventures Of Sissy Stringbean,
Ghost From The Past, Faith Can Move Mountains,
Dodging Silver Bullets, Shades Of Deception,
Noah's World. Ranging from childrens stories to
inspirational,& traditional romance, to thriller. I
also plan to publish my first romance that is already in print on, Longing For December," on Kindle, Inside The Book, & Create A Space on I plan to venture into the world of songwriting, both country and gospel. I plan to organize my life!!! (a job in itself!!!). I'm sure there is more I'd like to, besides all my writing plans and the major organization project-that I may recruit help for,(hint to those who love me:) I would like to buy a Karaoke machine, and start a song collection. I love to sing, did I ever metion that? Put a stereo in my room and start a nice CD collection without fingerprints and scratched from kids:)Put a DVD in my room so I can watch my new Greys Anatomy collection and start a movie collection:) I think I should learn something new! Do something I've never done before! Finish my scrapbook of postcards from all 50 states:) Step out of my comfort zone and do something fun that makes me nervous. Small things like put pictures on my wall, make photo albums, & pay more attention to my blogs. Well, now, I'm rambling. So, Happy New Year!!! May this new year bring you happiness and joy!!! Shelia Burket:)