Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Let The New Year Begin

January 1,2011

This year I have goals instead of resolutions.
I fully plan to motivate myself into achieving
all of the goals that I set for myself this year:)
It is my intention to do my very best to be the best
wife, mother,grandmother and friend, that I possibly can be. I intend to draw closer to God read my bible more, pray more, be more faithful.
I intend to make myself get some exercise at least 3 a week, and hopefully get off my blood pressure
meds. I plan to finish the 6 book projects that I
have started and get them published!!! (The titles
are; The Magical Adventures Of Sissy Stringbean,
Ghost From The Past, Faith Can Move Mountains,
Dodging Silver Bullets, Shades Of Deception,
Noah's World. Ranging from childrens stories to
inspirational,& traditional romance, to thriller. I
also plan to publish my first romance that is already in print on, Longing For December," on Kindle, Inside The Book, & Create A Space on I plan to venture into the world of songwriting, both country and gospel. I plan to organize my life!!! (a job in itself!!!). I'm sure there is more I'd like to, besides all my writing plans and the major organization project-that I may recruit help for,(hint to those who love me:) I would like to buy a Karaoke machine, and start a song collection. I love to sing, did I ever metion that? Put a stereo in my room and start a nice CD collection without fingerprints and scratched from kids:)Put a DVD in my room so I can watch my new Greys Anatomy collection and start a movie collection:) I think I should learn something new! Do something I've never done before! Finish my scrapbook of postcards from all 50 states:) Step out of my comfort zone and do something fun that makes me nervous. Small things like put pictures on my wall, make photo albums, & pay more attention to my blogs. Well, now, I'm rambling. So, Happy New Year!!! May this new year bring you happiness and joy!!! Shelia Burket:)

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