Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hometown Hero

Last night my baby brother, Greg Shaffer, 8 yrs. younger than I just happened to stop in and say, "HI," before heading home to his family at my parents house. He noticed that the Preacher from out church had stopped by to visit my parents, my dad has been  sick for awhile and unable to attend church as he has for years, due to a heart problem. Normally, my mother would have been home alone or with my nephew Joshua, who is 13. Was it a coincidence that both the preacher and my brother stopped by? God works in mysterious ways. My brother saved my dad's life last night, by giving CPR to him after a loud thump was heard and he was found in the family bathroom. He was not breathing, had no heartbeat and was turning cold and blue.
It took paramedics approximately 15 minutes to arrive, by the time they got there, miraculously, my father was breathing and talking. He is in CAMC in the Cardiac ICU, but stable. I am very proud of my brother Greg:) xxox
Greg is married to Melodie Shaffer, he is employed by Toyota. They live in Youngsbottom, and have 2 children, Josh, and Kierstyn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Let The New Year Begin

January 1,2011

This year I have goals instead of resolutions.
I fully plan to motivate myself into achieving
all of the goals that I set for myself this year:)
It is my intention to do my very best to be the best
wife, mother,grandmother and friend, that I possibly can be. I intend to draw closer to God read my bible more, pray more, be more faithful.
I intend to make myself get some exercise at least 3 a week, and hopefully get off my blood pressure
meds. I plan to finish the 6 book projects that I
have started and get them published!!! (The titles
are; The Magical Adventures Of Sissy Stringbean,
Ghost From The Past, Faith Can Move Mountains,
Dodging Silver Bullets, Shades Of Deception,
Noah's World. Ranging from childrens stories to
inspirational,& traditional romance, to thriller. I
also plan to publish my first romance that is already in print on Lulu.com, Longing For December," on Kindle, Inside The Book, & Create A Space on Amazon.com. I plan to venture into the world of songwriting, both country and gospel. I plan to organize my life!!! (a job in itself!!!). I'm sure there is more I'd like to, besides all my writing plans and the major organization project-that I may recruit help for,(hint to those who love me:) I would like to buy a Karaoke machine, and start a song collection. I love to sing, did I ever metion that? Put a stereo in my room and start a nice CD collection without fingerprints and scratched from kids:)Put a DVD in my room so I can watch my new Greys Anatomy collection and start a movie collection:) I think I should learn something new! Do something I've never done before! Finish my scrapbook of postcards from all 50 states:) Step out of my comfort zone and do something fun that makes me nervous. Small things like put pictures on my wall, make photo albums, & pay more attention to my blogs. Well, now, I'm rambling. So, Happy New Year!!! May this new year bring you happiness and joy!!! Shelia Burket:)