Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update on my last update!!!Better Late Than Never...Goals Update-A Detour From The Road Of Procrastination

My name is Shelia Burket. I set goals on New Years for myself that I did not start until yesterday. I am 45 years old, married with 3 grown kids, a 4 yr old stepson and a 9 mth old grandson. I am about 25 pounds overweight, I hate dieting and severely lack any motivation to move. I ironically love exercise, once I get started. I say tomorrow and it never comes. I have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and other wonderful things like diabetes.
 I know I need to make changes, I guess knowing is 1/2 the battle. I exercised for 22 min. yesterday. I used a small trampoline in my room that has a handle, I turned on some fast beat music, and did that until my legs neede a rest. Then I used a 5 pound hand wt. after that I did leg lifts, kick punches, breathing and stretching exercises, (if you have ever seen Body Flex where you stretch and do deep breathing holding you muscles tight when you exhale). This works, ask my abs and every other muscle that I am not used to moving!!!
I did all of this while lying on my bed, except for the hand wt. I alternated between this and back to the trampoline. I was shooting for 30 min. but the last song that played on the radio was very upbeat and I couldn't breath well when I stopped, so I took the que. i drank one glass of water afterwards. I usually drink coffee and tea all day long, I am sure I am dehydrated. I am 4'10 1/2 I prob. weigh about148-150 lbs. It felt great to move!!! I love my trampoline, the handle helps esp. because I have a slight disability. The music lets you escape:)
I have some blogs concerning my goals for myself this and
I am also a writer/mom:) so I have some writing goals as well as some personal ones like reading my bible daily, which I did yesterday too!!!

April 28,2011 for my goals...I have seriously crashed and burned on anything to do with moving and exercising since Feb. I officially "SUCK!" I am the worlds worst procrastinator, ugh!!! I even procrastinate on my detour from my road of procrastination!!! I will force myself to go back and see what I promised myself and see where I have failed miserably!!! Even on reading my bible..I have been going to church 3 times a week for the most part..I hate to read, no offense...I like to write but not read which is what? An oxymoron? Is that even a word? I have been writing and drawing and coloring , like a maniac:)I have a one track mind! Hopefully I will get back on track,wish me luck!!!

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