Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Facts About Me...and then some:)

1)  I am a christain, althought I fall short alot of the time, I do love God and I believe he died for my sins, and has fogiven me for them and continues to do so, because I am also human.
2)  I am a mother, my children are grown, so to speak, but they will always be my children and to me preciuos gifts from GOD.
3) I am a grandmother, I have one grandson, who I absolutely adore, and whose smile lights up my life! Another gift from God above.
4) I am a wife. I have a  a wonderful husband that makes me feel loved, special, and beautiful:) and that is clothed, unclothed, make-up on or off! I know that he truley loves me and I completely trust him, which is rare thes days.
5) I have 2 tattoos
6) I have written 3 romance novels, one of which I have published, and a series of children's stories that I hope to publish soon.
7) I am afraid to drive
8) I am afraid to swim
9) I am afraid of heights
10) I am afraid of walking across swing bridges, bridges made of poles, ect. and am uneasy walking on a peer.
11) I love coffee
12) I love Ice Tea, but mainly if I make it.
13)I love to sing!!! I love to karaoke, sing over songs at the house, sing in the car, at church, with the radio
14) I have written songs
15) I pray often , but not as often as I should.
16) I am addicted to Facebook-I love seeing what people are doing, what they have to say and seeing the names of my classmates and people that I haven't seen in years and reconnecting.
17) I hate drama of any type
18) I hate arguing, any type of conflict, I am a peacemaker:)
19) I love my friends, they make me laugh, and it's good for the soul!!! They have been there for me many times:)
20) It bothers me when someone is mad at me or doesn't like me, or when someone perceives me totally different than I see myself.
21) My feelings are hurt easily, I cry easy, I am quick to forgive, but it's hard for me to forget once I have been hurt.
22) I love to cook, because I love to eat!!! I make some killer fried rice:) my x was a Marine and we had lots of filipino neighbors who taught me to cook!!!
23) My ring and shoe size match-size 6!
24) I get my love of writing from my mother.
25) I love the beach:)
26) I love candles:)
27) I love oriental food:P
28) I hate housework:(
29) I love my "alone time" but I hate being alone.
30) I love to draw and paint sometimes
31) I am disorganized:( aren't creative people?
32) I am not really an animal person, I am a people person.
33) I wish I could run:(
34) Ilove to listen to the rain and even to thunderstorms, but I don't like being home alone when it's storming:(
35) I am afraid of the dark-I'M talking PITCH DARK!!!
I ran over!!!
I guess 36-would be that I tend to go overboard!!!!

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  1. Those are really good pics of ya! Nice post about the ring size, I got the hint! lol You love the beach, but are afraid to swim...hummmm