Friday, November 12, 2010

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I chose to self publish my first novel through After submitting many queries to agents as well as publishers, I have found that writing is far the easier road than publishing. I have aslo found than alot of companies ask for a ridiculous amount of money for publishing as well as for editing. I decided to self publish as a way of getting my name out there and to see my work in print. I am pleased with the job Lulu did on my book and to hold it in my hand and read it like a "real book," is priceless to me. The downside of self -publishing is no advertising and marketing. You are on your own. I have started writing blogs and advertising on my sites, Facebook, Myspace, ect. I am checking into marketing. I have joined writing groups on Cafemom ect. I contacted my local newspaper about my book and they are running on article on me soon:)

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