Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interview with Author Debra Jayne East

 Where are you from?

 I am from Martinsville, Virginia. I was the oldest of six girls. I do believe we drove our father almost mad, lol.

Is that where you and your family reside now ?

I actually live right across the border now in North Carolina at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains. All of my three adult children live close by, along with my lovely grandchildren. It's beautiful and peaceful here and at night the stars look so    close you can almost touch them.

How long have you been writing?

 I started writing in the second grade and sold my first story for fifteen cents. It was called Ghost and Sabre. Wish I had saved a copy!

What kind of writer would you describe yourself as?

 Well, the genre I write is paranormal but I consider myself an inspirational writer.I am always seeing messages in simple things and I think writing can inspire people to rise above life and situations, even if it's just to have an escape for a few hours.

Do you have any other interests? 

Yes, photography is one thing I love. I think as a woman we are the historians of our lives and I cherish all the family events and faces I capture.I also enjoy cooking and like to learn new dishes.  Another enjoyment is I like to volunteer in the community. It will always give back to you if you do.

 What can you tell me about yourself that we haven't covered?

I come from a history of women writers. For as long as I remember, I have loved to keep journals, write poetry and short stories. I researched my family tree and suddenly I understood why. My distant relative, Violet Florence Martin was an Irish author, born in 1862, who co-wrote a series of novels with cousin Edith Somerville under the pen name of Martin Ross in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Learning about my heritage encouraged me to follow my dreams. 

What are your future goals with your writing?

 I plan on publishing two more paranormal books this year and a science fiction novel.I am even contemplating writing a screenplay. We all have a story to tell might as well get paid for it.

Is there any other genres that you would like to try?

 I'm game for anything. Never say never.

Are your books both E-books and paperback?

 Right now just e-book but hoping for print and audio books as well.

How long have you been published?

 One and a half years.

Do your have a literary agent?  

No, I don't but I'm open to the idea of it.

Do you have an editor?

 Yes, Penny Adams is my editor.


What companies have your used for publishing?

  The wonderfully talented
 Gina Cianfarani of XoXo  Publishing

Would you use them again? 

Yes, they have believed in me from day one.

Have you began to see a profit from your writing?

  I have received royalty checks, yes.

  Have you held any book signings?

 Yes, even though Radiance:

Love after Death is an e-book, I have used autograph to digitally sign books. 


  1. I have Read Radiance Love after Death and it is truely an amazing book! I am reading it a second time just because it was so good. I Look forward to reading more Of Debra's Books in the near future.
    Keep up the Good Work Debra!

    1. Thank you Irene.I appreciate you stopping by.Thanks for your encouragement.