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Interview with Annette Bower

Where are you from?

I grew up and attended elementary school, high school, nurses’ training and University in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
If you go to this website and look at the you tube picture of Regina, my condo building is in the frame.

Is that where you and your family reside now?

Yes, my husband and I returned to the city in 2004. One son and his family live here and both my husband’s and my extended family. So this is home.
Another son and his family live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia because he is a member of the Canadian Navy.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for a long time. According to my family I was a tattletale but I remember the accolades of a well told story. I wrote poems as a teenager and young adult, but I always enjoyed reading romance and women’s fiction. When I was having a rough day as a young mother, my husband would bring home a series romance novel. I could escape and explore another world for a short time. I started attending classes and workshops while my children were young. As you can tell by my family history they are now married with families of their own so I have been at this a long time.

 What kind of writer would you describe yourself as?

I am a pantser. I have not embraced plot outlines. I get an idea and then I research and write in clouds around it. I have a female character in mind then I have to people her world and find her love interest.
I also enjoy writing short stories. I’ve had approximately two dozen published. I also enjoy the challenge of a flash fiction story with a beginning middle and end in one hundred words.
But short or long, women’s stories, the community and love that surround them are my passion.

 Do you have any other interests?

My friends call me the research queen. They mention something and I’ll be on the computer and find the information for them. Or because I have an inquiring mind, I have researched many subjects in the past.
I was a nurse, office administrator, teacher’s assistant, volunteer, and town councilor and adult university student, so I have many life experiences from which to glean.
I also love to walk and bicycle ride. Either at home or away, I explore thrift shops. I examine what the communities donate to the poor. I think I can tell a great deal about a community by the items on the shelves and clothing racks.

Do you have any websites and or book links that you would like to share?

 What can you tell me about yourself that we haven't covered?

When I’m not writing I’m learning about how to promote myself as an author of electronic published books. It’s like selling a piece of land in a far off place. Readers need to have imagination and the tools to explore this new and fast growing method of reading. I know that many readers love a book to hold but my books are contained in a computer chip of sort, whether it is on an e reader or a computer.

Moving On, A Prairie Romance, released Dec. 2011, is a one flame G-rated novel set in Regina Beach, SK. .

Anna is Moving On she will not love Nick. She won’t risk it. But he has other plans.

XoXo Publishers:

Woman of Substance, released Dec. 2012, is one flame, G-rated novel set in Regina, SK.
Robbie deceives Jake for all the right reasons. She needs him to forgive her for love.
Barns and Noble:
Soul Mate Publishing:

What are your future goals with your writing?

I’m clouding the first draft of a new novel. I know it will have love, community and a strong woman character as well as a good man.

 Is there any other genres that you would like to try?

I very much want to learn how to write what are referred to as quick read books. These are novellas for adults who struggle with literacy, ESL, or reluctant readers.
My first novel Moving On, A Prairie Romance is as close as I have come. One reader told me that she had stopped reading until she read my book. She returned to reading and is now reading to her grandchildren. This is very rewarding for me as an author.

 Are your books both Ebooks and paperback?

Moving On, A Prairie Romance and Woman of Substance are Ebooks.
Woman of Substance will also be a paperback later in 2013. Soul Mate Publishing offers paperback about nine months after the release of the electronic version.
However I have many short stories in magazines and anthologies that are printed.
The anthologies are listed on my webpage:

How long have you been published?

My first short story, Another Mae Day was published in TRANSITION in the spring of 2002. This is a good place to submit stories for publication.

Do you have a literary agent?

No, and at this point in my career he or she wouldn’t eat very well from my profits.

Do you have an editor?

I have had editors for most of my publications, the short stories as well as both novels.
Both XoXo Publishing™ and Soul Mate Publishing are publishers who provide editors for your novels.

What companies have you used for publishing?

I have been published by XoXo Publishing ™ out of Toronto, Canada and Soul Mate Publishing out of New York, .

Would you use them again?

Yes, I have published a very short story with XoXo Publishing for the Christmas season.
Christmas Wishes is part of their Hugs series:

I am sure I will but it is never a guarantee of acceptance. All manuscripts have to go through the right departments and be appropriate for the publisher and the quality of their publications.
Both publishers have contracts and honor them.

 Have you begun to see a profit from your writing?

I have received payments for my short stories and royalty money from my novels. I also spend money like any business on promotions such as review tours etc. Advertising books gets them noticed and today the expenses overshadow the royalties. 

Have you held any book signings?

I have been involved in book signings for the published anthologies. They are always so much fun. However, I have not had a signing event for my novels. Yet! If I am accepted to the RWA “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing at the RWA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on July 17, 2013 then I will be there with new pens and a big smile.

I enjoy reading at any event that I can. There are local opportunities and one day I hope to read in other major cities in Canada, the United States and perhaps even other countries in the world. I do enjoy travelling.

Whew the end. The readers will wonder if I could have told this story in one hundred words.
Now that is an experiment I have to try.

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