Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interview with Traci Kauffman

Where are you from?

 I am from North Alabama and have lived there most of 
my life.  I lived in Texas when my husband was in the military, then 
Indiana where he is from.

Is that where you and your family reside now?


How long have you been writing?

 I have been writing in some form or 
another since I was very young.  I published my first book a year ago.

What kind of writer would you describe yourself as?

  I like to write as I go.  I don't do a lot of research other than what I researched for my 
book Richard the Lionheart that I wrote.  I don't do a lot of 
brainstorming except when I first started writing.

Do you have any other interest? 

Writing is my passion but enjoy 
attending church with my family.  Occasionally we enjoy traveling.

Do you have any websites and or book links that you would like to share? 

My main website is   My Blog is and

What can you tell me about yourself that we haven't covered? 

Read my books and you will learn a lot about me. I put parts of me in my books.

What are your future goals with your writing?

 I plan to continue to write for years to come.  I plan on becoming the next Danielle Steel.

Is there any other genres that you would like to try? 

I will write in any genre if it interest me or if I get an idea about something that I 
would like to write about.

Are your books both Ebooks and paperback?

 Most of my books are both 
except "A Closer Walk" is only on EBook.

How long have you been published? 

My first book was published a year ago 
but I have published poetry before that.

Do your have a literary agent?

 No, why give someone part of your money 
that you work hard to get.

Do you have an editor? 

Yes, I have used several different ones. Mostly 
the ones that the publisher provided.

What companies have your used for publishing?

 Tate with Southern 
Adventures. Strategic with My Boyfriend the Squire and Publish America 
with the other two.

Would you use them again? 

Not sure.

Have you began to see a profit from your writing? 

Yes, some.

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