Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interview with David Marrocco

 Where are you from ?

I am from Rhode Island.
Is that where you and your family reside now?
 I have lived in Rhode Island my whole life, and currently reside in North Scituate, with my wife, daughter, and dog! A rural area of the state.
How long have you been writing?
 I have been seriously writing since 2008. Before that, it was just for fun.
What kind of writer would you describe yourself as?
 I like to think of myself as a prince, preparing to become a king. I am putting down the ground work, and the blood, sweat, and tears, to one day walk down that royal red carpet of the writing world. I think I will be considered the greatest writer of the 21st century, when it is all said and done, he he.
Do you have any websites and or book links that you would like to share?
Do you have any other interests?

I have been in the liquor industry for seventeen years and like to bowl now and again.

What can you tell me about yourself that we haven't covered?
 I am first and foremost a man of faith and of God. After my near fatal accident in 2007, I was born again and had a new found energy to do something special with my life. I also am a major advocate for keeping the homeless off the streets. I hope to have my own shelter within the next couple of years.
My time is precious to me. Whenever I have extra time to spend with my family, I take advantage of it! I work many hours, so my days off are guarded. I love Politics and Sports. Other than that, I pass the time by working out when I can, and reading.

What are your future goals with your writing?
 I will continue writing until I reach my goal of ten books. Then I will reevaluate. Hopefully the passion that flows through my veins will still be there, and I will continue to pump out good, insightful, creative stories. I have started two chapters of a book that is very different than what I have written before. It is a dark comedy that involves ice cream, and an alter-ego. That is all I am going to say for now. I don't want the idea to slip away from me. When it comes out, it will catch on fast.

Are your books both Ebooks and paperback?
Yes! Kindle and Nook for $9.95. Paperback is a little more expensive but the new one is only $16.97. You can find it on one of the websites I listed!

What companies have your used for publishing?
 I was published in 2011 by Publish America. I do, but it was really a waste of time for me. Nothing got accomplished. I will fish around when I have more books under my belt.

Do you have an editor?
I do. Her name is Adela Brito. She is from New York. I recommend her to anyone who wants honesty and hard work put into the edit. I am taking my chances with mainstream publishing for my third and fourth books.

Have you began to see a profit from your writing?
I see a profit each day with my book! I think it is the easiest profession to feel vindicated with.

Have you held any book signings?
I will be hitting the book signing scene hard, this coming spring thru fall. I didn't feel right going out there with just one book under my belt. Now that I have two, I can show people that I am for real, and not going away!

Stop by Youtube and check my book trailers!

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