Friday, January 25, 2013

Interview with Brad Dassey

Where are you from? 
My name is Brad Dassey. I am 29 years old and I was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. I spent majority of my childhood growing up in Manitowoc, just 7 miles from Two Rivers.

Can you tell me about yourself?
Well, there’s LOTS to tell. For one, I am a Christian Rap artist, beat maker, music composer. Whichever you want to call it. I make beats for free and produce on my home computer. I really want to send a good message with rap music in hopes it will help other people. I really like helping people feel better about life.

All of my music can be downloaded for free at my website, All of it is mainly Christian Rap Music Downloads and some Christian Hip Hop Music as well. I mainly aim for truthful, encouraging, uplifting messages that will help build others up as Ephesians 4:29 states in the Bible.

On the other hand, I am a computer technician, also a voice over actor. These two careers are what I do to pay the bills. Although things could be better, I am thankful for every little job that pops up and comes my way. I mainly do a lot of remote assistance connections. I can connect to people’s computers from my office and help resolve their computer problems, ONLY if they are able to get online of course. They can find a lot of useful information on my website, which I carefully constructed myself.

What kind of music to you write and sing?
I only write Christian Rap or Hip Hop music on my Midi Keyboard. Sometimes I break out of the norm and do a soothing, relaxing track. I feel this helps me connect with GOD a bit more an also helps melt away stress. I hope to construct and finish my relaxation CD at some point. But for now, it’s mainly Christian Rap Music.

Do you record your own music?
Yes I do. That’s all I really do. I like to stay original. I feel that composing original music is the way to go. There are a lot of other bands out there just copying other songs and bands and although that is alright, I feel it’s best to stay original. This way I can say that I constructed something myself instead of really copy someone’s idea or song. Music has a unique way of speaking to us, so I believe it has to be carefully written. I compose my melodies in a program called Fruity Loops, then I do the final mix in Ableton Live 8 and then I mix in the vocals with Acid Pro 6. I have a complex way of constructing my music, but it’s easy for me.
Do you play any kind of an instrument?
Well, I wouldn’t consider myself as to knowing how to play particularly. I mainly, “Experiment.” I have a good ear for sound and mixing. I can pretty much pick up any instrument and, “Sound” like I know how to play. I can make melodies very easily and come up with my own riffs and tracks.

Do you write anything other than song lyrics or music?
Hmmmm. Sometimes in my spare time, I like to write poems and stories. I have a book in the works, but I’m afraid it’s a lost cause. I just can’t find myself to finishing the book. It’s about how I wanted to commit suicide a couple of years ago. The book is called, “The Devil Wants Me Dead.” I still have yet to finish it. I have constructed a song on my website about taking my life and what I went through. It’s called, “Dear God.” It’s an encouraging song about how you shouldn’t take your life. God gave you LIFE for a reason.

Do you have any other creative talents?
Yes, I am a voice over actor. I’ve spent the last few years really learning new skills about how to become an effective voice over artist. You can call it voice overs, voice acting, whichever. People have different names for it. I mainly voice people’s videos, tv commercials, radio commercials, promos, all types of projects. A lot of the contacts are from outside the USA, which is strange, but majority of my work is done within the USA as well at my home recording studio. You can feel free to check out my work more in detail at my website: or either or will get you to the same website.

I hear you are trying out for America's Got Talent, can you tell me what that's all about?
America’s Got Talent is a TV show on NBC. It entails people from all over the USA who come and show their talent to a few judges. I believe one person will win 1 Million Dollars. I’m going to try out for America’s Got Talent because I believe God has blessed me with an incredible announcer voice and I really want to make something of my life. Sure, I get voice over jobs here and there, but it’s nothing consistent to keep up with the bills. I’m hoping that even though I know I won’t win, that they’ll have some connections to some important people so I can continue my voice over career.

I understand that you send your music out on requests for free sometimes to get your name out, is that true?
Yes. It’s not necessarily getting my name out. It’s about what I believe the music will do in others lives. I construct my music to bring healing to people’s lives who are broken and weary. The Bible says in 1st Peter to, “Use whatever gifts you have to serve others.” That is what I have been doing. Even though I am broke and can barely afford to send these CD’s out, I believe in doing so because it’s what God calls me to do. God provides, always. So I am not worried. I mainly want to build others up through encouraging words and songs to which God has blessed me with.

Whet are your goals creatively?
I guess there is no real creative ways to reach my goals. Just pray an listen to God and see what he has in store. The devil is a very crafty one I might add.

Is there anything that you would like people to know about you that we haven’t covered?

I would like to let people know that God doesn’t want you to kill yourself. If you’re thinking, “I want to kill myself,” or, “I’m better off dead.” That’s the wrong way to think. If God wanted you to initially think that, you would have started thinking about it from newborn on. The devil is very crafty and I believe the devil will do anything he can to tell you lies to get you to harm yourself. You NEEEEEEED to reach out to someone. Anyone. A crisis center, a friend, your family, anyone. Once you start getting help, it’ll all work out the way God planned it to. Stay positive and always stay close to your dreams.

After 12 straight HOURS of dedication... Here is my entire America's Got Talent trip and story... I had the chance to travel to Chicago, IL after all to audition for the TV show.  My friend borrowed me her car and GOD came through just in the perfect timing.  Check it out. Video, half hour narration and news interview all in one. 

The story is completely intriguging and engaging.  The trip was far more challenging than the audition itself.  It sounds good though!  I might be heading to national TV.  We'll see.

Please share and forward to your friends if you find my story inspiring. 

Thank you.

God bless you,
--Brad Dassey
Hip Hop & Rap Artist
Voice Over Actor

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1 Peter 4:10 - May you use whatever gifts you have to serve others.

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