Monday, January 28, 2013

Interview with Bruce Spohn

 Where are you from? 

 Born in Landcaster California  but lived in Germany for 40 years 1965 - 2006


Is that where you and your family reside now?

 San Antonio, Texas


How long have you been writing? 

Started when I was in High School never published.  wrote articles for the Army post news paper in Germany and have a few poems published.  I have a collection of Short Stories published in 2012.


What kind of writer would you describe yourself as?

 So far YA romance, but I like SIFY a lot and might try that next


Do you have any other interests? 

Love to travel and learn new cultures.  reading is high on the list.  Drinking good wine with good friends is great 


What can you tell me about yourself that we haven't covered?

 Hate to remove all the mystery.  I have many different outlooks on life and that has been enriched by the many years spent in Germany 


What are your future goals with your writing?

 Currently working of a YA Romance and after that maybe a SIFY adventure for YA.  I have been playing around with an idea for an erotic story for women that examine the way their lives are touched and how they can be pushed into living a life they never dreamed of sort of a Shades of Gray but I need to do more thought on that.


Is there any other genres that you would like to try?

 SIFY, EROTIC and maybe comedy

Are your books both Ebooks and paperback? 


Yes "Christmas Treasures" is available in paperback and ebook format.


How long have you been published?

 This is the first year for me and I know it is hard to get your book into the readers hands.


Do your have a literary agent?

  Maybe sell it to a Hallmark as a Made for TV Christmas series. No not yet.  I am going to try to submit "Christmas Treasures" to see if I can find an agent.


Do you have an editor?

 No and I have found that is an essential if you want a good published book


What companies have your used for publishing?

 Publish America and Create space,.  I do not recommend Publish America they are free but give you nothing no support no advertising and they charge too much for the book so you can't sell them.  Create Space is not too costly.  They do give you free EBook conversion and they are part of Amazon so kindle is free.  They have great authors discount prices for your book and they ship at a really low price of it is easy to sell your own book and make some money.


Would you use them again? 

 would use Create Space again they are friendly and they give good service.



Have you began to see a profit from your writing?

 I sold 200 copies of my book cost price was $3.00 per copy including shipping and I sold them for $10.00 each so I am at the break even point now.


Have you held any book signings?

 I have had 3 book signings.  Two in small Indi book stores in San Antonio and one is a Senior citizen center.  Most of the books I sold were where I work. 

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